About Us

Our Unique Ranking System

Our Local Commerce - Charleston was only formed for 4 reasons. Very simply, they are:

        • Support our existing local businesses

        • Create new local businesses

        • Increase economic vibrancy in our communities

        • Help our most vulnerable neighbors


    OLC-CHS is the brain child Mayor John Tecklenburg; Stuart Williams, the Founder and Chairman of In Place Impact; Vishal Patel, the Founder and Chairman of Unbound Life; and a group of remarkable students from The College of Charleston, Jody Bell, Caroline Greer, Rex Bingham, and Isaiah Khan.

    By integrating with In Place Impact, OLC-CHS can help local entrepreneurs bring their innovations to life and get them funded by local investors.

    By integrating with Unbound Life, OLC-CHS can help homebound people find appropriate full-time or part-time work.

    OLC-CHS is a South Carolina Public Benefit Corporation and is a minority owned business.


    Unique Ranking System

    Each seller and product on OLC-CHS is ranked in several ways

    Why this matters!

    OLC-CHS is dedicated to reviving our local Charleston economy.  Our unique ranking system allows you to make an informed, deliberate, and tangible impact with your dollar.  With OLC-CHS, the money you spend remains in your community, returning Charleston to the vibrant city it was before COVID. The available filters are:

    Products: Location Made - in order of the most impact

    1. Made in Charleston

    2. Made in South Carolina

    3. Made in the South

    4. Made in America

    5. Made in another country

    Products & Sellers: Badges - in support of a cause

    • In Place Impact Accredited Business

    • Asian Owned Business

    • Black Owned Business

    • Minority Owned Business

    • LGBTQ+ Owned Business

    • Veteran Owned Business

    • Woman Owned Business