Marmoleum MCS - Bleeker Street - 3127 B&R: Flooring & Carpeting Forbo USA
Marmoleum MCS - Bleeker Street - 3127 B&R: Flooring & Carpeting Forbo
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Marmoleum MCS - Bleeker Street - 3127

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Within our linoleum flooring range, Marmoleum MCS (Composition Sheet) offers a lower price in a 2 mm thickness. This flooring option provides all of the benefits of Marmoleum and the Topshield2, ready-for-occupancy finish. The 2.0 mm thickness is not available in as many colors, and it is slightly less forgiving (you will want to be sure your subfloor is smooth and clean. Available in 32 popular colors from the Marmoleum range.

In most cases, you will want to order about 10% more than the actual area you plan to cover.If you know the number of square feet required, you can calculate the approximate number of square yards to order by dividing your square footage by nine. You may want to make adjustments to your yardage based on your room configuration and your plans for seam placement. Naturally beautiful, durable, sustainable and healthy! Forbo Marmoleum floors are associated with sustainability, durability, high quality and innovative design. The Marmoleum range includes solutions for virtually any type of application.

Marmoleum is USDA certified 100% biobased. This natural linoleum floor covering is made from 97% natural raw materials, 70% of which are rapidly renewable, along with a 43% recycled content. The key raw materials used in its production include linseed oil, which comes from the flax plant seeds, wood flour as production waste from controlled forestry plantations and jute, a crop whose fibers provide the material for the membrane onto which the linoleum is calendared.

Marmoleum's inherent anti-static properties repel dust and dirt, making it easy to clean, reducing exposure to allergens, and contributing to better indoor air quality. Marmoleum also features inherent antimicrobial properties that halt the breeding of harmful micro-organisms, including MRSA and C-difficile.

Country of Manufacture:Ireland


Marmoleum Marbled Sheet is an ecologically produced to the following approximate dimensions:

  • Thickness/Gauge --- 1/8" (3.2 mm)
  • Backing --- Jute
  • Width --- 79" (2 meters)
  • Length --- 105’ (32 meters)
  • Roll Size --- 77 square yards (64 square meters)
  • Sold by the sq yard. 79" X 16.4"= 1 sq yard
  • If you know the length you need in inches divide that by 16.4 and round up for sq yardage.


Due to the way it's made, don't be surprised if your Marmoleum Sheet has a yellowish tint on it when it's delivered. This is oxidized linseed oil, which can color the surface in the final stage of manufacturing. The tint will disappear (usually within 24 hours) as soon as your floor is exposed to the light. Also, because linoleum is a natural product, there may be slight color and structural differences between production batches, samples and the delivered goods.

Technical Data

View: Technical Data Sheet for Marmoleum Sheet

Safety Information

View: Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for Marmoleum Sheet


In order to get a perfect floor it is important to prepare and to pay attention to a proper installation of the floor covering. Forbo offers an assortment of high quality installation products and tools, which helps you obtaining the desired result.

View: Marmoleum Sheet Installation Guidelines

Care and Maintenance

Marmoleum floors are easy to clean and maintain thanks to their durable Topshield2 finish. Marmoleum with Topshield2 is the only resilient flooring with an occupancy-ready finish. This means that at the time of installation, cleaning with a neutral pH cleaning solution is all that is necessary. The Topshield2 finish also provides exceptional performance against soiling, staining, scratching, and scuffing. Topshield2 has been designed to create a Marmoleum that meets the demands of everyday use and is even more resistant to dirt pick-up, less prone to wear and has improved resistance to scratches and stains, and thus creating a floor that demonstrates a lasting performance over time.

There are generally three types of cleanings are performed on Marmoleum. The first is an initial cleaning. You would want to wait a minimum of five days following the installation before conducting initial cleaning or other wet cleaning procedures in order to allow the adhesive to dry and cure properly. The initial cleaning is done for new installations exposed to normal construction soil and traffic.

The second type of cleaning is a routine cleaning. The routine cleaning should be performed a minimum of once a day, depending on the application, type of traffic and hours of operation.

The third, and final, type of cleaning is an interim cleaning. The interim cleaning should be performed as needed, depending on the application, type of traffic and hours of operation.

Additional maintenance may be performed if necessary.

Forbo offers a full line of cleaning products including a Neutral pH Cleaner, Spray Buff, Mop on Restorer, Heavy Duty Cleaner, Matte Floor Finish (for commercial use), Gloss Floor Finish (for commercial use), Adhesive Remover, & a Residential Floor Finish. View: Marmoleum Care and Maintenance Guide

Shipping Information

Please review the following link for information about the shipping / delivery of flooring. Please contact us with any questions or special delivery needs.

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